Fred – Guitar, vocals
Poutch – Guitar
Jayson – Bass, back vocals
Dom – Drums

Album: What are we doing after?
Released in 1999, Homesick’s What are we doing after? is the result of each member’s different musical background, mixing influences of Iron Maiden and In Flames with NOFX and Greenday. Listening to this alternative punk band will surely take you (or take you back) to the summers of laziness and teen’s spirit.

Our A&R comments:
Who else has ever combined the heaviness and melodies of In Flames with the “I don’t care” punk/rock groove? These guys are truly amazing musicians and deserve respect for having the balls to mix the influences of two such opposite worlds.

What are we doing after?

1 - Careless 2:49
2 - All we Did 2:36
3 - It’s So Pitiful 2:11
4 - Those Wonder Years 2:31
5 - Are You Happy? 2:25
6 - My Laziness 2:17
7 - One of those Nights 2:43
8 - Once Again 8:58
9 - “Hidden track”

Release Date: November 1999

Once Again
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Music and arrangements by Homesick
Lyrics by Fred
Guest vocals by Dan Colin
Recorded and mixed at “Natural Source” by Borza Ghomesh
Assistant: Steph Demers
Mastered by Simon Pressey at “Le Studio”, Morin Heights
Layout and design by Poutch
Pictures by Yannick Leroux
Copyright © Gaïa Disk 2004