Medusa Head Trip
George – Bass
James – Drums
JFA – Lead Guitars
JFB – Vocals & Rhythm Guitars
Album: Medusa Head Trip

Here's the deal, no compromise.
Dirty. Heavy. Southern raunch. Northern rage.
Built with blood, sweat, and beers, Medusa Head Trip crank up their amps and deliver their debut 11-track album with a wall of sound infested of great riffs. They will make you headbang while you're driving nowhere, just for the sake of hearing great music on the highway.

Music industry’s comments:

Coming soon!

Our A&R comments:

Medusa Head Trip… a real thundering ear bleeding wall of sound! Seriously, the first time I heard these guys I had to go out of the bar after their set just to catch my breath… man! These guys rock!

Medusa Head Trip

1 - Dusty Hills
2 - V-Twin Revolution
3 - Free Wheelin'
4 - Doomherder
5 - Spittin' Acid
6 - Paydirt
7 - In the womb of my living room
8 - Don't fear the reefer
9 - Chasin' Tastes
10 - Degradation Blues
11 - Kilimanjaro

Release Date: November 2004

V-Twin Revolution
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All music arrangements and lyrics by Medusa Head Trip
Produced by Medusa Head Trip
Recorded at Stock Market Audio
Engineered by Joseph Donovan
Mastered by Morris Applebaum at Silent Sound Studios
Copyright © Gaïa Disk 2004