Cesar Coyne – Guitar
Gopal Devanathan – Drums
Paul Farran – Guitar
Nicolas Latif – Vocals
Nicholas Piromali – Bass
Album: Involuntary Movement

Pacer’s first album Involuntary Movement is an undeniable melodic slap in the face. With its extremely high replay value, this album contains 7 excellent reasons to be amidst the CD collection of alternative rock fans. Fresh and addictive, Involuntary Movement is not to be missed.

Music industry’s comments:

WOW! Can you say radio friendly? These guys are great! This is what post grunge bands should sound like.
-South of mainstream

I’ve come to realize that this local act is putting out material that tops most bands releasing their full-lengths on major labels. Not many CD’s that I own have a replay value so high.
-Digital Noise

Montreal’s PACER makes that football-field-size middle ground between Nickelback and Tool seen substantially smaller, blending sledgehammer riffs with occasional brainiac metal touches.
-The Montreal Gazette

Our A&R comments:
Well, these guys absolutely deserve to be known to a large public. They’re the coolest and it’s always a good sign when I have a band’s song in my mind for a couple of days…

Involuntary Movement

1 - Maximum Security 2:53
2 - Persuasion 2:59
3 - Convention Break 4:01
4 - Face Down 2:38
5 - The Silent Treatment 4:38
6 - My Rain 2:50
7 - Denial 2:09

Release Date: July 2004

Face Down
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Music and arrangements by Pacer
Produced by Phil Greiss
Mixed and mastered by Phil Greiss at Fatsonix, CA
Drum & bass on 2, 3, 5, 6, & 7 recorded by Phil Greiss & Haig V. at Zoobone, Montréal
Drum & bass on 1, 4 recorded by Carlo Bergeron at Vibe, Montreal
Guitars and vocals recorded by Phil Greiss at Fatsonix, CA & Montreal

Art direction and concept by Pacer
Layout and design by Raouf Dallala at Magi Graph Concept
Cover photo by Stephanie Lopes
Band photo by Chris Heldt, Mike Pochwat and Curtis Kean
Copyright © Gaïa Disk 2004