Marco Gaudio – Vocals, Guitars
Carlo De Iuliis– Drums
Joseph Beauvais – Guitars
Biagio Prioletta – bass
Album: Plight

Plight’s self-titled EP delivers hard rock with emotions and intensity, worth listening to from the first song to the last. Since its inception in 1998, the band has built a strong fan base, and excels at playing live in big venues like the Montreal Spectrum as much as in small intimate settings.

Music industry’s comments:
Their originality is one of their defining factors and allows them to stand out as musicians with an exceptional amount of creativity, talent and songwriting ability.
-The Edge

These guys, in my opinion, are the least conceited, the most stage-mature, the most natural, the most fun, and the best candidates for not only playing music but for really putting on a show.
-Montreal Music Scene

Influenced by Godsmack, Hoobastank, and Stained, PLIGHT re-iterates undertones of alternative and heavy metal music, creating an amalgamation of an extraordinary sound.
-The Concordian

Our A&R comments:
PLIGHT is one of the tightest and most impressive bands I’ve seen live in a long time. Trust me, this band on CD and live is truly an amazing display of energy, tightness, musicianship and great songwriting.


1 - Rings 4:00
2 - Walls 3:39
3 - Faces 3:33
4 - Shiver 4:15
5 - Year Four 3:47
6 - Seth 2:56

Release Date: September 2004

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Music and Lyrics by Plight
Produced, written and performed by Plight
Recorded at Studio Victor and Engine-Ears Studio
Mixed and mastered at Studio Victor
Mixed by Frederic Lagace
Mastered by Fernand Martel
Copyright © Gaïa Disk 2004