Trance of Mine
Isabel Plant – Vocals, Piano
Phil Roberts – Guitars
Philippe Laroche – Bass
Album: Reflections

Definitely a must to discover, the gothic rock band Trance of Mine is a unique blend of strong melodic female vocals, groovy/heavy guitars, subtle electronics and ethnic/acoustic instruments. Addictive and of an incredible depth, Trance of Mine’s musical journey rewards its listeners with something new at each replay. Headphones recommended for a mesmerizing experience.

Music industry’s comments:

WOW!! This disc reeks of atmosphere (…) Plant's emotional delivery fits perfectly with the music, which is very much from the Lacuna Coil/Evanescence mold (...). This band caught me completely off guard. I’m speechless…
-The Laser’s Edge

Filled with thick bass tones, ethereal female vocals and a deceptively dark atmosphere, Reflections is everything TRANCE OF MINE is live and more (…) Anyone interested in well-crafted dark rock would be doing themselves a favor by giving TRANCE OF MINE a good thorough listen.
-The Metal Observer

Trance of Mine's Reflections is an album of incredible depth, instrumental prowess and production quality. Clearly it is worth a journey! *****
-Musical Discoveries

A must to discover ****

Our A&R comments:
I couldn’t agree more!!!

1 - Distant Ground 5:28
2 - Inmost 4:22
3 - Ascend 4:35
4 - Reality 5:57
5 - Blind Side 4:54
6 - Awakening 4:57
7 - Asleep 4:10
8 - Sotiria 5:56
9 - Hourglass 2:32
10- Daedalus 15:28

Release Date: June 2004

Distant Ground
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Music and arrangements by Trance of Mine
Lyrics by Phil Roberts
Drums by Francis Filion
Digital textures, tweaks and additional arrangements by Yanik Daunais
Additional keyboards by Christian Bertrand
Additional sound design by Eric Persing (Spectrasonics)

Produced, engineered and mixed by Yanik Daunais
Additional engineering: Stephane Alary
Assistants: Philippe Nadeau and Martin Dame
Recorded at Arcane Studio and The B.T.L Workshop
Mixed at The B.T.L. Workshop
Mastered by Peter Moore at E-Room Mastering

Art direction by Phil Roberts & Travis Smith
Illustrations, layout and design by Travis Smith @ seempieces
Band photography by Jocelyn Michel and Melany Champagne
Copyright © Gaïa Disk 2004